One Leotard: Two Ways.

I found this leotard at Heart Boutique on Capitol and 19th in Sacramento – one of my favorite places! Made out of velvet,  it is by far the most comfortable leotard i’ve ever worn. Not a super common material for signature pieces, but it definitely caught my attention.

As someone who mostly dresses down, I wanted show how to style this leotard in two different ways. Lmk which look you like, best! 😉

IMG_8201The first is a more dressed up look with two of my favorite pieces. The green purse above is something I picked up during a trip to London, and goes perfectly with almost anything!

When I travel or thrift, I always look for signature pieces in solid colors that I can wear with at least 3 outfits in my closet at home. It’s part of being a nomadic minimalist, I guess.

Slack for iOS Upload (4)

I wore the black leotard with high-waisted black skinny jeans. I wear a lot of black – my closet is almost all black. This outfit worked well with the contrast of the black velvet, and the black jean material.

Mixing fabrics / patterns has become one of my favorite ways to mix up a look lately. It was cold night so I wore my faux fur jacket (also thrifted). Below is the full outfit (minus accessories), where you can see the back of the leotard.


For the second look, I collaborated with my friend Kristin who has her own Photography business, Van-Y Photography; and, Lush Locks and Lashes for the braids and up-do.

This was a really fun shoot, and pretty meaningful to me as it was my last in Sacramento before moving.

Below are two full-length shots of my take on this casual look.



To dress it down, I wore this with the same pants from look one, but paired it with a jean jacket and Adidas classics to give it more of a casual vibe.


This shoot was done a few days after arriving back from Thailand. All of my little trinkets I picked up along the way – like this necklace, and bracelets defintley helped to dress this look down.



Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to Kristin for making this collab. happen & for taking me to McDonalds on the way to this shoot! The hunger was real.

For more photos from Van-Y Photography head over to her Facebook page, or take a peek under hashtag #VanYPhotography! For more up-do’s go to:!

Till next time!


Bangkok: The Grand Palace

I recently went to Thailand to visit Bangkok and Koh Samui. I tried to visit as many places as possible. Soak up everything Thailand had to offer. I went to spiritual sites, ate interesting food, met new people, and adjusted to new customs that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.

First stop on the trip was Bangkok: The Grand Palace.

If I had to describe this place in one word it would be, breathtaking. Everywhere you look, you are taking something in. Everything was covered in gold, jews, and glistened in the sun – so much, it almost hurt to look at for too long.


The Grand Palace was built in 1782, and for 150 years was the home of the Thai King. Today, it is one of the most popular and widely visited landmarks in not just Thailand, but all of Asia. Known as the spiritual heart, inside the courtyard are several buildings including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

IMG_1352 (1)

To go inside visitors must be properly dressed, women and men are both required to have their shoulders and knees covered. If you ever travel there and your outfit doesn’t meet the requirements they rent out clothes for a refundable deposit at the entrance.

See my pretty dope outfit, above.

Word of advice, don’t wear this over jean shorts. Walking around in 100+ degree heat with layers is no joke, AND – stay hydrated! The heat was real.

IMG_1382 (1)

Pictured left is Madison, Matt, and Ratish – a few of my good friends and coworker who explored the Grand Palace with me. Walking around on a beautiful sunny day with them attempting to take shameless selfies was one of my highlights in Bangkok!


IMG_1381 (1)When I travel the one thing I always forget to do is take pictures of myself with my friends in front of major landmarks. Safe to say, I didn’t have that problem on this trip.




Below are a few images of my friends and I having some fun being touristy as well as a picture of the Temple. While, these pictures don’t do the Grand Palace justice they should give a reference of how large, and magnificent it was!

IMG_1416 (1)


I plan to write a more about my trip to Thailand, if there is anything in particular that you would like to read about Asia, Thailand, or Koh Samui – send me a message and I will do my best to incorporate it!

Till next time!


Taco Shirts and Faux Fur Coats

I try to incorporate everything I love into all of my outfits.

Having been a fan of crop tops, weird designs, the West Coast and tacos for a while now, this shirt was always one of my favorites. I usually pair it with something high-waisted whether that be a skirt, jeans, or overalls.

For this outfit, I decided to wear it with hunter green high-waisted pants and a one of my most treasured thrifted jackets. Three pieces that I love and wear often.

I paired this with maroon shoes (Mudd, if you remember those!) – for a contrast on color, and a black purse for accessories.


I hope you all enjoyed this quick and easy look ! Till next time. XXIMG_0451


This is a casual look I put together a while back, when the weather was a tad warmer.  Between the holidays and traveling for work (I was recently in London and Zürich for about two weeks and found some items in a couple of cool thrift stores that will no doubt be featured coming up), I have not had a spare minute to blog. *tear*.

Having started my blog only a few months ago, each post has been a bit different.  Through navigating my way through WordPress and struggling to find my writing and photo style, it’s no surprise my blog has evolved exponentially.  I expected and hoped for that when I began this journey.

Moving forward in 2015 I anticipate a lot more change.  Since graduation in May, life has been busy and I will be traveling a lot thus requiring me to alter how I do things for Cloth And Lipstick.  These are all good changes, most outfits and posts will be centered around what to wear when you travel, outfits for specific weather conditions and yes, I will continue to post with my beautiful girlfriend, Kindra. *heart eyes*.  I am on the go a lot and truly belive this will allow me to post more that will be more relevant and helpful to readers. I am really excited about these changes and to see where Cloth And Lipstick goes in 2015.

Sorry for the extra long intro, back to my casual look from a while back…

This look is another favorite for casual days. One of the reasons I love this look so much is the reason I love all of my favorite looks, because these items are extremely universal. This denim shirt has always been one of my go-tos. I generally pair it with leggings or skinny jeans but it also looks cute with high-waisted shorts/ skirts or pants.

The plaid shorts I am wearing, which can be seen better above are easily dressed up or down.  To dress it up, I would simply pair it with a crop top, tights and a different pair of heels.  But for this particular look, I wanted to dress them down hence why I added the denim shirt into the mix (denim always equals casual in my book).

IMG_0129 IMG_0130

During the middle of this shoot, my misbehaving husky puppy was running all over the place and was getting into everything within his reach. To avoid him running into the street I had to pose with him for a majority of my pictures (like I cared, I’m OBSESSED with him). Even though it’s only been a few weeks, he is much bigger and if possible, more handsome–you’ll see in future posts.


This is by far one of my favorite outfits I have posted yet.

The skirt i’m wearing was found while thrifting at FreeStyle. When I originally bought it was probably five sizes too big but what can I say, it was love at first sight. I bought it, got it altered and it is now one of my favorite, MOST comfortable skirts.


I used to be extremely hesitant to buy pieces that didn’t fit me right off the bat but ever since i’ve become more thrift savvy, i’ve realized that sometimes it’s the items that don’t initially fit that end up becoming key pieces to your wardrobe. Aside from the skirt, i’m wearing a black lace bandeau with a jean jacket over it. I love the look of black with jean. It is one of my all time favorite looks and makes getting dressed in the morning easy


I kept the jewelry for this outfit pretty simple and went with two small gold necklaces and some evil eye bracelets. The color of the bracelets catch the many colors in the skirt and pulled the outfit together in the exact way that I wanted.

I hope this is helpful when it comes to thrifting, especially to all those who ever doubted buying used clothing.

Till next time, dolls!

Pleather and Plaid.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to dress for, mainly because of the darker colors but also because I love to layer. 

This outfit is super casual and both items i’m wearing (Plaid button up and pleather leggings) are extremely versatile.

photo 4 copyphoto 4

The leggings were originally bought to go with a cat Halloween costume and subtly became one of my favorite pairs of leggings to wear with long shirts or short dresses. 

The shirt was a recent purchase for my girlfriend to wear under her overalls but after seeing it on I had to borrow it to wear as a dress because it was SO cute.


I paired these two items together because I love the look of plaid and pleather or leather (whatever you have in your closet) together. 

As fall goes on, I plan on wearing this shirt quite a bit with tons of different looks. 

photo 5photo 1 copy

Lastly, I am honored to have this little dude, who I just so happened to match, join me. His name is Pax and is the newest addition to my family! 

I hope you guys like him because there will be a lot more of him coming up. 

Till next time, dolls!

Black lace, Pearls & Overalls.

I have been searching high and low for the LONGEST time to find the perfect pair of overalls and now that I have finally found them, all is right in my fashion world.

 One of my favorite things about overalls is:

1. They take me back to my childhood  &  2.You can wear them so many different ways

For this particular outfit, I chose to wear a black lace bandeaux, a red plaid shirt and of course, black high top converse. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.

For accessories I chose to wear pearls, a fedora and this nifty water bottle holder from Peru. Why I have never seen these in America before is beyond me, they are genius.



By pairing the black lace bandeaux and pearls with something far more casual like overalls and a plaid shirt it gave the outfit the perfect amount of edge that I wanted and allowed me to stay cool in this 105 degree weather.

Get ready for tons of more looks in these overalls, they are my new found favorites!

Marley Tee’s.

photo 5Hello again! This outfit was in honor of my BIRTHDAY! When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, feeling comfortable in what I’m wearing is extremely important to me. Also, any time I can incorporate Bob Marley into my outfits, I know it’s going to be a good day.

photophoto 2-1

I have an immense amount of love for Bob and high waisted shorts so I paired these shorts, a Bob Marley T-Shirt and this blue lace bra together. For accessories, I paired this outfit with a leather bracelet and belt (which is really a string, but what can I say- there was no time to go shopping this past weekend).

photo 4

I shot this post with my good friend Haley who inspired me to start my fashion blog. You can find her blog at . Her style is super cute, classic and always really creative!photo 3

Hope you all enjoyed this casual, comfy look!

My Summer Obsession: Crop Tops & High Waisted Shorts.

One of my favorite items for these hot Sacramento summer days are high waisted shorts. You can pair them with so many different items and get completely different looks, every time. For this particular outfit I choose to wear my favorite pair of high waisted jean shorts from Forever21 with a crop top and light weight cardigan. The cardigan can be worn on or tied around the waist and makes it easy to quickly change up the look. Accessories I wore included a pearl bracelet that helps to break up the edginess of the outfit, my favorite pair of RayBans, a spike-studded purse and white high top converse.